Everyone associated with the institution had contributed to its growth and is responsible for what it is today.  Sacred Heart Leprosy Centre gratefully remembers everyone of them.  To name a few among them:
Rev.Fr.Jean Michotte Sr.Caroline Sr.Marie de Britto
Rev.Fr.P.M.Rayaloo Dr.Wyss Rev.Mother Anne
Dr.N.Zwicky Mrs.Zwicky Dr.A.Krassai
Dr.S.Theophilus Dr.Dinkar D.Palande Dr.G.Ramu

Rev.Fr.Jean Michotte:  Belgian Priest who founded Sacred Heart Leprosy Centre in 1916 to accommodate, feed and serve those affected by leprosy and abandoned by the family.

Sr.Caroline: German national, who served this institution in the very early days (1916-1933).  She herself was suffering from leprosy.

Sr.Marie de Britto: Indian from Goa, also served at this centre  in its early days with Sr.Caroline (1916-1964).  She also suffered from leprosy.

Rev.Fr.P.M.Rayaloo:  Chaplain since 1936.  He was responsible for building most of the blocks still being used as wards.

Dr.Wyss: Swiss National, used to spend his annual holidays of two months serving the inmates of SHLC, for decades since 1968.  Besides he has also raised and contributed funds to this centre.

Rev.Mother Anne: Superintendent and Administrator from 1967-76. It was during this time, SHLC, an asylum  was changed into a hospital.  New buildings were constructed, specialists were appointed, staff strength was increased, new departments were started and SHLC celebrated its Diamond Jubilee also.

Dr.N.Zwicky:  Swiss National, sponsored by Emmaus-Swiss, served at SHLC since 1967.  Along with Rev.Mother Anne, he was responsible for the transformation of SHLC into a hospital.

Mrs.Zwicky: Swiss National, responsible for establishing the laboratory in its infant days.  Clinical pathology, Biochemistry and Histo-pathology sections were started during her time..

Dr.A.Krassai:  Swiss National, sponsored by Emmaus-Swiss, served at SHLC from 1968 to 1970, as an Ophthalmologist and established Eye Clinic.

Dr.S.Theophilus: Chief Leprologist of SHLC from 1967   till his retirement in 1982.  He had published and presented several papers from this institution in national and international conferences.

Dr.Dinkar D.Palande: Chief Surgeon of SHLC from 1969 till his retirement in 1989.  He was responsible for building up one of the best reconstructive surgery units in the world at this centre.  A pioneer in leprosy surgery, respected at international level, he has visited and taken part in several teaching and training programmes in leprosy surgery all over the world.  Surgeons from several leprosy centres   as   well  as  orthopedic  surgeons were trained by him.  He was also a guiding spirit for developing reconstructive surgery units at several leprosy hospitals.  He has published and presented several papers in national and international conferences.  Intrinsic Reactivation surgery for correction of claw Hands, known as Palande Operation was one among several of his valuable contributions to the field of leprosy.

Dr.G.Ramu:  Senior Physician of SHLC from 1986 to 1989, leprologist of international reputation, he had undertaken several drug trials and immunology studies with the collaboration of Madurai Kamaraj University at this centre.  He had published and presented many papers at national and international conferences.

Dr.P.K.Gopal:  Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Officer since 1972 when the department was started.   Health Education, Social assessments, job placements and financial assistance for self-employment were some of the programmes he started to rehabilitate the leprosy affected and cured.  A Ph.D., in social work, he has presented many interesting papers on socio-economic rehabilitation at international level.